Our house

Our house

On the ground floor of our family home are the guestrooms where visitors can stay. South-facing and with a terrace swimming pool, your independence will be maintained. You can enjoy an authentic and charming setting. 300 days of sunshine mean you can have breakfast in the shade of the mulberry tree, sometimes in a delightful dedicated room.

The house

The stones of its thick walls bask in the sun and cool off in the reflections of the pool. Light filters through the leaves of the olive and fig trees. You can absorb this special Provençal atmosphere right here as the days and seasons go by.

“The charms of this house are all thanks to the builders. Time simply goes by differently here. A quality of life that we love to share. ”

The village

Garik is the Celtic word for Kermes oak and Eulalie is the name of a Spanish martyr. At the entrance to the village presides a 17th century dovecote close to the town hall square which is complete with a fountain, plane trees, and a marketplace every Friday. As you walk along the village lanes, you will discover an old castle, two Romanesque chapels, a temple, a bread oven and beautiful stone houses. There’s also a bakery and restaurant on site.